WoW Update: Finally hit level 70, 15 more to go.

The Cataclysm expansion seems to be going pretty well.  Apparently my server has queues with at least 1500+ starting in the evening and even well past midnight the queues run in the hundreds.  What that basically means is that when I want to play at night I have to wait over one hour.  Oh well.

I kept saying I would never go back to playing WoW full time again, but I guess I’m wrong.  Pretty much everything else I tried was just trying to be WoW or else just sucked.  Why play free2play games and not be on a level playing field with paying micro transaction customers.  Why pay for another subscription based MMORPG when WoW is better?

Anyhow I hit level 70 this past Saturday.  Probably 3 years later than I should have.  I just took the time to look up stuff for my Priest and see where and what I should probably do.  Instead of Thotbott I’m now navigating WoWWiki for information.   All the priest gear sets seem to be really confusing along with this gear score thing which really seems to be just used to shut people out of raiding if you have a low one.  I hate questing so I’ve been leveling through battlegrounds.  I also don’t like doing instances, but I’ll probably force myself to do it in order to get the better gear.

The way they have set up talent trees now pretty much locks you into a primary and a secondary talent.  You’re pretty much forced to get an entire primary talent and it is almost impossible not to get most of the right talents.  In some ways I like that they keep changing things up but in others I wish they just left everything alone and just add new choices so people could just choose themselves.  For the idiots that just want a clear path they should just add a preset template option.  The healing tree really gets confusing though since at the end there are some choice spells you can maybe leave out which are instant casts.  I’ll probably have to get used to this Chakra thing which seems rather ridiculous since you have to constantly have it up if you want maximum healing.

I also spent a good part of my time this past week looking up add-ons or mods.  I loaded some CTMod add-ons and CTRaidAssist to get me up and running initially.  I went to Curse Gaming to see what the latest ones were.  I began to realize why I probably quit playing when the Burning Crusade expansion came out.  All my mods were broken and I was burned out.  Clearly the user interface makes a huge difference for many people.  It allows users to play better and feel good about playing on their customized screens.

I asked my hardcore buddy what user interface and mods he uses and he said he just uses the default.  Mods are for noobs, but then his major characters are a Warrior, Druid, and Death Knight.  I wish I could just use the default but the button bars aren’t placed well and unit frames or target and user frame are too small for my new 24” widescreen monitor.  The default button bars also get cramped and the Gryphons and the second row having a gray background really don’t sit with me well.

I used to use MoveAnything and Bongos2 for my user interface and some CTMods.   I was glad to see that updated version of MoveAnything and Bongos2 (now called Dominos) were available and working fine.  The MoveAnything mod allows me to resize my user and target frame and move them to wherever I want.  Dominos is primarily a button bar customization mod.  I also added a nicer combat log display mod called Hitsmode5 and a button cool down indicator mod called OmniCC.  I also added the Decursive mod to make dispelling and curing diseases easier for my priest.  Easy mode for my priest, why not? I’m returning and just like a newbie after all.  I guess I still refuse to use Healbot which is extremely popular to use for healers and priests.

I learned from forums and some guild sites listing suggested and required raiding mods that CTRaidAssist was pretty much hardly used anymore after it initially broke when the Burning Crusade came out.  It was replaced by Ora2 (Tank windows and other features) and SRaidFrames.  I loaded SRaidFrames.  The major improvement is that it has a spell range indicator which CTRaidAssist lacks.  Another mod called Grid also seemed very popular but I like the SRaidFrames look which is nearly identical to CTRaidAssist.  I would have just used the WoW default raid group windows, but they revamped it and you don’t have as much control moving the groups around on your screen.

I loaded WoW Instant Messenger since there is so much going on your chat screen you can easily miss whispers.  I have not loaded a spell damage meter, a damage boss mod, or Ora2 since I haven’t started raiding yet.

Questing has become so ridiculously easy.  In the past you would have to explore and find where and what to kill.  One would have to actually think or map out things on your own or else look up the locations of mobs on a website.  Now you just have to look at your in game map and it tells you exactly where to go to find practically everything.  I guess people enjoy following a clear path without having the challenge to locate mobs.  Making the game easier with fewer obstacles attracts more people and more money I suppose.  Why don’t they just give you the option to buy an instant level 85 character?  They really should sell gold since the people who are willing to buy gold will do so anyways.  Those who like to quest and role play can play the game from level 1.

WoW Cataclysm release date December 7, 2010

On the Gamestop and Newegg websites they’re pre-ordering for World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion pack with a release date of 12.7.2010.  It’s also splashed on the main wow website.  Isn’t December 7 Pearl Harbor day….


World of Warcraft Real ID

They want a piece of social networking and they don’t care about your privacy.  Apparently they wish to attach your real name to your account in the forums and whatever else they wish to use it for.   I guess they can say FU to all the gamers in the world that game to escape real life and be imaginary online characters.  When are they going to learn that eventually Facebook is just going to go away just like Myspace?  It’s just a friggen online yearbook so horny guys and girls can look up people and let the inner cyberstalker in everyone have fun.  Also little games, scams, and knowlingly subject yourself to possible marketers.

The forum accountability is just an excuse.  They can attach a permanent username ID to an account that doesn’t have to be the account name so that users can track forum trolls.  Switching over to Battlenet ID’s was a bad decision since it uses email accounts.  The result of that is spam to anyone the spammers and hackers think may have a Wow account or specific targeting of the accounts they wish to acquire and they already have a high chance of knowing the username of anyone who suggests they play wow in a forum and allow their email to be viewable.  I game so I can be an anonymous fantasy character and that includes being in character on the game or server forums which really is part of playing and being in an online gaming community.

I think Wow really screwed up on this one.  They should fix it or they will turn people off from returning or joining to try their upcoming Cateclysm expansion.  I was thinking of resubscribing, but so far what they’re doing with my account privacy and enabling hackers to find out more information about users, why bother.  I already got enough Wow spam in all my email accounts.  Before I used to just laugh it off since they were sending it to the email accounts that weren’t my Battlenet ID, but then now I get it on my account email.

EA also has a screwy user id system that ties you to a main account, but allows you to have all the usernames and different passwords for specific games.  I guess it’s a matter of time before  some genius over there will muck over user privacy over there.

Keep screwing the gamers and you’ll drive them all away.

Update:  They decided not to implement using real names.

Thoughts on World of Warcraft

I read a good post on Cold Comfort about investing in other players.  I’ve played quite a bit online over the years and I have invested a lot of my time helping others either become better pilots or whatnot in skill based games and also in MMO’s such as WoW as a a normal player and guild leader.

When I started WoW, I helped other players because that was part of playing any online game and being part of a guild.  As a guild leader I had to make it a point to help members quest every now and then or else lead endless raids or instance runs.   I helped my guild members since that’s what I always do when I play a game in order to have fun.  Unfortunately, helping your guild mates eventually becomes not fun if you do the same thing over and over again and then they all just ditch you when things go sour or they find a better opportunity elsewhere in another guild.

I’ve found that the majority of gamers in WoW don’t care about their guild and only play where they either get raid progression enjoyment or better loot.  Hardcore and casual players are exactly the same.  Of course there are the few players that do realize that your friendship is more important and will continue to play with you in other games when they can.   I have never encountered a game where I have spent so much time, and resulted in so few loyal friends.  Maybe just one or two?

I resubscribed to WoW a few months ago to see if I would play, but I ended up hardly going in.  It’s probably due more to the fact that I’m not that keen of RPG’s in the first place.    I also have a different perspective on MMO gaming since I tend to always play to lead my own group/guild rather than just being a member of one.  I learned long ago that the only way to be truly happy in online gaming is to control your own destiny and that means running your own guild.   Anyhow I logged into WoW and  scanned to see how an old friend and his guild was doing and they had like 35 players online.   I asked myself would I be happy raiding again, investing a whole lot of time,  effort, and having a bunch of happy or whiny players by my side just like him?

The answer is No.  I would trade all my 3 years invested in WoW to play another game and have more long term online gaming buddies.  I’d like to blame it on materialism (yea cyber loot), newbie gamers, or just  kiddie gamers but I think I’ll just blame WoW and online console games for creating a huge wave of honorless online gamers.

Selling shirts

I’m not much of a auction house genius but I always used to sell shirts.  There are people selling shirts for 10-20 gold and I’m like wtf.  I especially laugh when I see the shirts you can buy in Stormwind for a few silver and they’re priced over 5g’s.  I guess there must be lots of idiots out there.  Anyhow I’m now selling my shirts for around 3 times what I usually charged and people are buying them so I’m happy.  Dark Silk Shirts are the way to go since they’re right in the middle for material costs required and quality.  Green, Blue, and Red Linen shirts are also good if you don’t gouge people and keep it under 75 silver, but anyone can undersell you for dirt cheap.  You may occasionally want to make a shirt that requires more materials if you think there is a market for them, but the pain in farming or purchasing the materials is not worth the effort.
Not exactly the fastest or easiest way of making money in wow but it adds up over time.